Packing Tips For Moving To Florida


Packing Tips For Moving To Florida

Picking up stakes and moving to the Sunshine State is a very big deal. There's a special appeal about relocating to a state that's known for its chamber of commerce days and its balmy, comfortable nights.

Many who choose to make this state their home, however, come down with some false illusions on what to expect. Florida is in the sub-tropics, which means it does in fact have some pretty wide temperature ranges. There is a change of seasons, although only three will be visible beyond the thermostat. There are very hot days, it's true, but there can also be some very, very cold ones in comparison.

With this in mind, Florida packing tips are generally very much the same as for any other state. However, it's what not to throw away when moving from the north that's really of importance.

False illusions about 100-degree days, day in and day out, make more than one person getting ready to relocate think all their cold and even cool weather gear will be unnecessary in the Sunshine State. While it's true it might not be needed nearly as much as it is in the north, it will be required at least once in a while.

Those making the move to Florida will want to follow these packing tips and keep a few items on hand for when they're needed. These include:

  • Sweaters. Even though the temperatures don't tend to dip for more than a few days at a time, they do dip. With this in mind, it's a good idea to keep at least a few of those old sweaters. If it's easier, follow typical packing tip protocol and keep these in a box marked for colder weather gear.
  • Jackets, wind breakers. Even full, fluffy and bundled up winter jackets might see sunlight at least a day or two out of the year. Although they won't be needed for months at a time as they are in the north, those who relocate and manage to hang on to them are glad they did. Freezes in Florida, especially in the northern part of the state, are not uncommon in the winter. They just don't last for days on end.
  • Gloves/hats. On the few days a year the temperatures dip, these are great to have along. Providing extra comfort when it's really needed, gloves and hats can be hard to come by in Florida. Bring a supply from the north, and you'll be happy you did.
  • Rain gear. While the number of cold, cold days can be counted on one hand in most years, the number of rainy days takes hands, feet and a friend or two to count. Rainy weather gear should absolutely be packed and brought along for a move to Florida.

It's very tempting when moving to Florida to throw packing tips aside and bring only what people "think" they will need in this balmy climate. The fact is this state does have its cold days and even some freezing ones, too. The best packing tip of them all is to bring a little bit of everything along to handle any eventuality when it comes to weather.

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